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me estoy pasando de lista o mas bien de pendeja

On July 31 2017 at Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico 2122 Views

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Ddvz_91 On 07/01/2018


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Amoxenyte On 13/08/2017

For Just You. ;%)

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Amoxenyte On 13/08/2017

Being sincere and modest today for this photo, ,,,,hunh?

He just wasn`t what you wanted to hear and what he had to do to make you mad, (just think of a favorite christmas tree), ,,,,, while I pet and play with the reindeer. Okay- Sweetie ?? You are so cute and im a pizza pie laying flat and around to bouncing up and down with joy to give and bring to every boy & girl and " " "What-Thu" " " and still No--Response from this one. ..... yet?? ;*((

Don`t worry' I` know when to quiet down and shut the hell up! ;*) ;&))

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Flozzy On 03/08/2017



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